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Thanks for visiting, just wanted to provide a brief introduction of personally prior to we've got started.   I've been designing and offering advice on water filtration methods for a lot of many years.   I've been affiliated with all types of drinking water organizations and plan to keep doing therefore for some time.    With many years in the industry, I understand everything about drinking water softeners and whole home filtration systems and I know about every brand in the industry.  

 I always enjoyed assisting people and thought I could start this web site to help many people at the same time.   Home theater system . possess remarked that the industry is filled with businesses trying to sell you every stage.     I am here simply to provide guidance and never to sell you every stage.  I we do hope you leave with increased understanding compared to a person came with.     I am only a retarded old fart therefore please me personally type as well as take this particular unbiased info for what it is.    Thanks for looking at my personal blog as well as please tell me if you have any questions about anything.